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Enamel products using small knowledge of _e7hk
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Enamel products using small knowledge of _e7hk

new purchase enamel pot / bowl, not a long time immersed in water, so easily lead to stainless steel clad plate, and within the circle of rust out rust water, the general detergent soak 1-2 minutes is enough. After cleaning, please will pan / bowl edge to wipe, lest they should rust. After about 1 months, there is no problem of the immersion.
Style= 2 enamel pot / bowl first use, not high temperature fire, cold water quench, otherwise easy to make the enamel layer cracking, damage the enamel layer, thereby reducing the service life.
Style= 3 heating before you add water, oil and other liquid, use do not be soup boil dry; also please as far as possible without metal spatula, spoon, or easy to damage the enamel layer.
Style= 4, enamel handle temperature is ≤ 70 degrees.
Style= 5 enamel belongs to fragile goods, not heavy fall, lest fall porcelain.
Style= 6 enamel products belonging to the metal products, please do not enter in the microwave oven.
Style= 7 enamel pot into the oven and heated, design products to use enamel handle and enamel enamel pot cover, bakelite handle must not enter the oven heating.
Style= 8 under normal use enamel is not easy to turn black, if burned black, wash clean scrub use 100 clean cloth please. It is best not to scratch using metal cleaning items, will produce scratches.